About Us


What We Stand For

At times you need to start afresh, leave that baggage of unsolved mysteries behind, and indulge in productive goals. This is our vision. Drive people to help themselves, be it through writing or any other craft. A vision towards independence and away from oppression.

How It All Began

When you are passionate about something, it nudges you to excel. To find respite in shared passions, for writing and photography, from the monotonous conundrums of life, I started a blog; a blog where people could visit to find exciting ideas and wise knowledge. Benefits everyone, right?

Meet the Team

Although it's just the three of us for now, we are confident about expanding our team in the future. People with similar ideals, common goals, and inspirational vision always help create a safe niche for future generations, to help them indulge in their passion, to believe in themselves. This is what we strive for here at The Habitat.


Adeela Hameed

Founder and Writer

Creative writer, optimistic, and a reverent environmentalist, Adeela is a well-bred bibliophile. She loves East Asian cultures and music.


M. Anfaz Hameed

Website Designer

An extrovert almost to a fault, Anfaz is a thorough gentleman. Intercultural exchanges, volunteering, songwriting, and composing are his respite.


Ahmad N.B

Shutterbug 'encore'

An enthusiastic photographer and avid traveler, Ahmad has experienced diversity in all its forms. A spirited entrepreneur with the soul of a true teacher. 

Next Steps...

Request an article, website content or travel blog. Visit Our Blog for ideas and samples of our work.