The Law of the Land

Similar to the law of Nature is the law of the land. It governs all, the proud and the hesitant, undisputed. So for a caravan to survive foes, all it has to do is follow some simple rules. These rules are laid down after careful examination of every aspect related to each community of the land. When overpowering from the dominant ones occur, this law comes into action. It protects those who suffer and punishes the guilty. Such a motivating law ensures no one hurdles the other. As is often deliberated by a wolf pack in a famous book by Rudyard Kipling,

Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky

And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper

 but the wolf that shall break it must die

As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk

the law runneth over and back

For the strength of the pack is the wolf

and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

This law calibrates us. This law is what makes us alive. What we as citizens of a country need and what we as citizens provide. The law, with which Nature revives the dead, replenishes the non-living, breaks them, disintegrating the abiotic to innumerable millions is what keeps life going. For the benefit of all, it sometimes takes one. It knows when and how, does not need our understanding or permission. But, we humans, as a civilization need help. We cannot overcome the difference between what should stay and what should not. It is because of this shortcoming that we need one another. Humans, as an entity, are a resource. Such a concept can be easily understood from the fact that no one is perfect and we require help from each segment of the population to survive. We need mothers to take care of values, fathers to teach discipline, teachers to imbibe character, upperclassmen to promote assistance and juniors for respect. This social hierarchy is as necessary as skin.

To improve the society we were born into or are diffused with, it is mandatory to expel sadistic measures to include healthy distinction for the benefit of overall demography. Laws and rules are formed to guide people, help them choose wisely, at the same time not creating differences that maul one’s conscience. It should be an imperative understanding that no one is socially well-off than the other except in character. Respect and command belong to those who don’t necessarily place themselves to be the rulers of the world, who don’t discriminate, those who find injustice demeaning, who protect all, respond to every cry and fish out guilty to preserve peace. Everything else is just an illusion. What remains and should remain is equanimity. Observing Nature and its governance of everything, minute to humongous, is our way forward. Although humans have been placed at the top of the ecological pyramid and the only responsibility they have is proper guidance, it is their duty to research ways and protect those who they are solely dependent on. It must be noted that a pyramid is built on a strong foundation. If the base is not strong enough, the top easily crumbles. This is true for both social as well as the ecological order.

We have to distinguish what laws are beneficial and procedures to be implemented to promote placidity of justice. In the end what should remain, ideally, is peace. Peace is a state of mind, a state where oppression is inexistent, where envy is replaced by a fire to compete, where one learns from mistakes, failures, when power inside is inexhaustible, when contentment coincides with requirement. Within peace, there is turmoil too but that excitability is not dangerous. A healthy body continues to form and disintegrate millions of cells at a time, with blood flows and gaseous exchanges happening every second, without any dysfunction of the system. This is the best example of tumult within tranquility. This is what has kept us alive. We keep us alive. Law is what needs to be kept alive.

After all, we were born as the most advanced creatures with a unique ability to use our brains for benefit. Why not prove our worth at a time when the world needs it most.