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Doing something that makes you happy is the first step towards contentment. No matter how long it takes, the hardships you face, or disappointments that life might throw your way, if you are content with your present and hopeful about your future, you can get through tough times. For me, writing provides a niche where I can be happy and satisfied.

Experienced for over 10 years now, I began writing since I was 15 years old. Now confident enough to start my blog, I aim to help people commit to their contentment. If this small spark of mine is successful in igniting flames of hope in the readers, I would consider my purpose fulfilled.

Ambition is what drives me. An ambition to help build a righteous society, empower women, protect the environment, and mold humans into a better species.

I hope after going through the website, each of my readers acquires sufficient ideas, and enough vision to create something for themselves and in the process are liberated from oppression of every form.


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